Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Begining.

This blog is about my personal struggle in the low class. In elementary school when I was young and innocent, I didn't even realize that people discriminated against others because of their skin color. They taught me that America was a more forgiving place now, and that it was a land of equality and that everyone, if they just try, could have anything they wanted. Now that I'm older, fresh out of my teens I saw that my education was dotted with huge amounts of propaganda and brain washing. It may seem a little extreme to say, but think back to when they taught you about who discovered America. Or what the civil war was about. Or how in high school there was never even a peep about the Korean war.

Anyway, I was born into not even the working class, but into a low class. I make very little money and this blog will hopefully be a good way to track my progress as I attempt to shift classes, and see how it affects my thoughts on other people if I ever become more privileged. Which will be fun to track because the wole time I write I am going to complain a lot about how things are.

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