Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blackwater World wide.  Founder Erik prince, has significant amounts of contracts in the Middle eastern conflicts. They have poor track records and Outnumber the amount of troops America sent. Hmm. So my tax dollars aren't even spent on U.S. troops? That's weird.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Move on up!

As I stated before, I wanted to use this blog in order to document my journeys in class shift and how it's going to affect my morals or how I think about other people. In this wolves pack versus wolf pack society I'm going to choose sides and become the aggressor rather than a voice of reason who's words fall on ears deafened by the flowing rivers of cash that although can be heard are only found by a few.
 I've always been torn between my ideals and who I think I am and who I want to be. So we'll have to peel me back in order to find out. Good luck me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Low pay is here to stay.

Today I will make off to work and collect, after taxes, about 40 dollars for 5 hours work. The rich man would argue to me that this a a fair trade for the level of skill I put into my job. This is an incredibly unfair assumptions because all over the world including in america people aren't paid correctly, this is especially true for CEO's and others who have forgotten about real work. I apologize in advanced as I've never been a CEO but I'm sure they're pay is grossly out of proportion to their work. Also think of the sweat shop boy, nine years old being paid 9 cents a week (Not accurate, I don't know thier pay off the top of my head) could be considered having a skill level that goes beyond mine, as I work in a kitchen, and therefor paid more especially since the material trade off for the pay of a shoe is incredibly disproportionate to the pay of whom made the shoe will receive 
     Anyway, the real point is the pay isn't right, and the taxes are destructive. if I make 570 dollars I will only receive about 500. Taxes that go to supporting our increasingly fascist government. Our taxes get poured down the mouths of the unqualified politicians who's real agenda is to pass laws for the company they own or the company they work for. Effective design for our masked oligarchy. Tomorrow I think I will go more in depth of a more accurate description of our government in order to express my hate for it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Begining.

This blog is about my personal struggle in the low class. In elementary school when I was young and innocent, I didn't even realize that people discriminated against others because of their skin color. They taught me that America was a more forgiving place now, and that it was a land of equality and that everyone, if they just try, could have anything they wanted. Now that I'm older, fresh out of my teens I saw that my education was dotted with huge amounts of propaganda and brain washing. It may seem a little extreme to say, but think back to when they taught you about who discovered America. Or what the civil war was about. Or how in high school there was never even a peep about the Korean war.

Anyway, I was born into not even the working class, but into a low class. I make very little money and this blog will hopefully be a good way to track my progress as I attempt to shift classes, and see how it affects my thoughts on other people if I ever become more privileged. Which will be fun to track because the wole time I write I am going to complain a lot about how things are.